In Good Conscience
27th Annual Day of Remembrance
Feb 18, 2007


Photos courtesy of Andy Frazer

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NOC’s 27th annual Day of Remembrance program was held on February 18th at the San Jose Buddhist Church.

The theme for the evening, “In Good Conscience,” was based on the compelling book by Shizue Seigal which tells the story about ordinary individuals who undertook extraordinary actions in helping Japanese Americans during World War II. The chronicled acts of those who reached out to another community while fighting injustice, inequality and prejudice provides us with important lessons for today's tumultuous, wartime environment.

Will Kaku, the NOC emcee for the evening, set the personal tone for the evening by relating his journey in "finding America," from the dark depths of  bitterness and anger in the post 9-11/Iraq War world to one of hope and optimism in building intercommunity trust, respect and understanding. 

Shizue Seigal eloquently described a story from her book about  Quaker missionary  Herbert Nicholson who not only crisscrossed the country in helping  


hundreds of Japanese Americans with their enormous problems during incarceration, he also started a letter writing campaign that resulted in over 150,000 letters of support for Japanese Americans to the Assistant Secretary of War, John McCloy. Shizue also stressed that we must continue in that same spirit during this  highly divisive  period when our country is once again at war.

With her family's moving experience captured in the book, Kate Switzer, the niece of Helen Parra, followed Shizue with her aunt's remembrance of how their family helped the Japanese American community during World War II. Colonel Harry Fukuhara of the MIS also spoke about his wartime influences and his gratitude towards the people of conscience outside of the Japanese American community which prompted him to bring Shizue's book to publication.

Iman Tahir Anwar, of the South Bay Islamic Association, gave a deeply personal recount of how difficult his life, and the lives of many other Muslim and Arab Americans, have become in the post-9-11 world

Aggie Idemoto, president of the Japanese American Museum in San Jose (JAMsj) spoke about the vital role of JAMsj in the community and how it has plans to enhance its reputation as a cultural, educational and historical resource with an ambitious renovation.

A regular "Day of Remembrance" speaker, Congressman Mike Honda spoke about the need to renew our pledge in fighting for justice and equality.

The program also included an electrifying performance by San Jose Taiko,  the traditional candlelighting ceremony led by Gail Sueki, president of the San Jose JACL chapter and the Isao Baba family, statements by Reverend Ken Fujimoto of the San Jose Buddhist Church, Reverend Motoye Yamada of the Wesley  United Methodist Church and a presentation honoring NOC by Assemblyman Joe Coto's representative, Mike Potter.

Congressman Mike Honda

Franco Imperial, San Jose Taiko
San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin


Guard tower by Jimi Yamaichi


Author Shizue Seigal

Reverend Ken Fujimoto & Masao Suzuki

NOC emcee Will Kaku





        Iman Tahir Anwar


NOC Chairperson Reiko
Nakayama &
Mike Potter
of Assemblyman Joe Coto's office

Col. Harry Fukuhara
Justin and Trevor






      Dr. Aggie Idemoto
      JAMSJ President


Kanow Dick Matsueda

Kate Switzer

P.J Hirabayashi, SJ Taiko


 Gail Sueki, president
    San Jose JACL

                  Julian and Isao Baba

Banner bearers Susan Nakamura,
Neil Kozuma, Jeff Kuwano and
Jiro Saito



Candlelight procession with long exposure

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Isao and Hanaye Baba


Mike Potter


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